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Temporary Utopia is an assortment of arts and culture related projects and experiments, including a small physical s p a c e in the heart of xwesam (Roberts Creek) on the Sunshine Coast of Canada — the traditional and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, specifically the Shíshálh (Sechelt) and Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) nations.

Since its inception in 2019 we have hosted and facilated a variety of events including art shows and residencies. (Take a look below for examples of past programming!) Through our work at Temporary Utopia we aim to help connect our tiny rural town to a broader arts and culture community. If you have a fun idea for a project get in touch!

Summer 2024 has some sweet updates...

The "FLOWERSHOP" or the Temporary Utopia 2.0 is blooming into something a little different in a new space -- there will be art and clothes and knickknacks and vintage and maybe some snacks too! It is an experiment which we hope will grows into something the community is excited to have in its folds!
You can check out some bits and bobs of cloting etc. online:
But come visit us irl Sundays through the summer -- beginning the end of June!

Meanwhile, Bartek & Family will be setting up their Shaved Ice Paradise in the little Greenhouse!! Please come and support their dream and delicious treats!!!

The physical manifestation of Temporary Utopia is now made up of the space behind the Gumboot Restaurant and beside the One Tiny Farm. With some things (like Shaved Ice Paradise!) popping up in the little greenhouse between the Gumboot Restaurant and the Cafe.
(At 1041 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W0)

Hard to know just yet?
The Flowershop will be open on Sundays through the summer!
And Shaved Ice Paradise will let us know their hours soon!

I rarely check this, so maybe... hmm I don't know. I guess be patient.
Or try strathconastockings@gmail.com
We are not really on social media here. and here.

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Shaved Ice Paradise in the GREENHOUSE!!!
Made by Bartek and his family! More info come soon!
And the Temporary Utopia SNACKSHOP FLOWERSHOP 2.0! With art, flowers, knick-knacks, clothing, textiles, etc. in the space behind the restaurant and before the farm. www.strathconastockings.com/flowershop



Back again for summer 2023!! With art, flowers, knick-knacks, clothing, textiles, etc.


Summer 2022!


Saturday July 23rd 2022 Temporary Utopia hosted

Featuring a video and sound installation by Michelle Helene Mackenzie and Ryley O'Byrne
and a live musical performance by Justin Patterson and John Brennan.


Summer 2021

This version of the Flowershop was a collaboration between Tiny Moon Flower Farm and Strathcona Stockings.


An unfinished installation
July 2020

Sometimes all your plans are dashed and you just have to dash out the door.


An Art Writing Residency
Dec 5th - 8th 2019

The Greenhouse is hosting OCEAN EPILOGUES, a short term re-residency that engages with Critical Art Writing -- in the form of criticism, experimental writing, and text as art. Participants include: Tao Fei, Daniella Sanader, Erik Benjamins, Catherine de Montreuil, Ginger Carlson, Maeve Hanna, and Ryley O'Byrne.

There will be a public writing/reading event the weekend of December 6th.


Maya Beaudry
The Rooms of Time
July 27th - August 27th 2019

"The greatest hospitality is the one we extend towards our own impressions."
So we wonder to what extent we remain occupied by the spaces we have occupied; the extent to which we have that which has had us.
Mnemonic-being! All-marrow, and all-selecting. Formed like a lattice of what is considered necessary.
And yet, whose ulterior pursuit is to remain porous to all that isn't necessary, at all...
Mnemonic-being: of ambiguous interest; an undiscriminating capacity. Encompassing, embalming, antiseptic: like Myrrh.
Observe the Euclidian conduct of neuronal folds, extending into space by way of condensing rather than stretching!
Recall that "to contain" is not "to present."
Mnemonic-being: also, as hospitable as it is without.

How tightly they are bound before we would think to call them petals.
The bare tree says: for anything I've shown, my lessening of it is just as much my own.
We imagine a time when fecundity is no longer an antithesis of resolution.

Exhibition text by Hannah Acton


Maya Beaudry uses sculpture, painting, installation, textile and video to build a language of accumulated interior space. Her work explores memory, architecture, dream time, growth, trip space, entropy and loss. She received an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2017 and a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013.


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